So here in the valley we received a nice dose of sleet last night so I guess now I should assume it’s finally winter…..maybe. As mentioned in my previous post I am on a bit of a kick with the dutch oven but I haven’t managed to find that one thing worthy of writing about. The ice cream is moving forward though. I asked around for flavor ideas on Facebook and I think I came away with a coffee ice cream with toasted almonds and maybe a little chocolate.

Despite the cooler weather some discussions last night at a blogger meeting hosted by has me daydreaming of spring. Talk of fresh fruits and veggies is leaving my little head all a flutter with tomatoes, string beans, onions and my favorite…garlic all fresh from the local fields. I know we are lucky to live in a time when we can get anything we want somewhat fresh at any time of year. Still though there is something to be said for that veggie grown in your own back yard…literally…figuratively…whatever. From your favorite farmer to your door it doesn’t get any better. For me it’s Teprovich farms in Germansville, the Tomatoes and string beans are the best I can get and make even a ravenous meat eater like me understand how you could go total herbivore. For some of you with a greener thumb (as opposed to my geek thumb) you can take the long walk to your back yard and reap what you’ve sown as it were.

Which brings me to my thought process of the past day. It seems I have, or will have, a couple strictly veggie eaters checking in from time to time. This being the case I think I am going to have to come up with an all veg, meat free, guilt free dish of my own to throw up here……I am assuming the pepper relish doesn’t could since it’s really a bit of a condiment hahaha. So for Johnny Sized I’m going to see about making that happen and in the meantime why don’t some of you hit the link to his blog over on the right side of my page. I for one will be watching his blog as he continues to attempt to be half the man he currently is.

Is the Cabbage really big or is she just small?