This week we’re making some Jam, we’re throwing it into jars, and we’re partying like rock stars. At the very least it’s definitely those first two.  I mentioned previously I had gone ahead and ordered the canning setup from Amazon (link at end of the post for all products mentioned) to start getting into the voodoo of home preserving. I did my research and read some great books including “Put em Up” by Sherri Brooks Vinton which was a great guide to the basics and things to watch for when doing any kind of preserving including fermentation and freezing.

So I had the tools, I had the information I needed now I just had one problem. What do you get in season in PA when it’s still in the 40’s? A quick trip to the local Wegmans left me with two options. I could either spend more then I should for some gorgeous looking Raspberries or I could grab some veggies and do some pickling. Well I’ve used enough vinegar lately so I went and opted for the Raspberries. I flipped through the books, found out I needed two pounds, I cringed a lot and then I went and got them.


If you were these berries you would be in a bit of a jam right now


   The recipe I am using came from a book called “The Joy of Jams….” Ok the title is quite long but I will be linking to it at the bottom of the page and it’s written by Linda Ziedrich. It was incredibly simple. You will need a potato masher, pot or preserving pan, jar or jars to preserve or refrigerate with, a chilled plate and a spoon for stirring.  I will not be doing the instructions for preserving as I do feel you should read a book with all of the cautions and instructions, as such what you will need for canning is not listed here. I will say though that I used the Boiling Water Bath method as opposed to pressure canning.

  Ingredients for the simple Raspberry Jam:

2 pounds raspberries

3 cups sugar

2 tablespoons lemon juice   That’s it really and the instructions are equally easy. Put all of the ingredients into your pot, use the potato masher to crush the raspberries. Go against your basic instincts at this point and don’t crush them into oblivion if you want to have a slightly chunkier jam. Throw the heat on medium until the sugar is fully melted and then gradually raise the heat to medium high until it begins to boil. At this point stir frequently, once it seems to have thickened drop a spoonful on to the chilled plate. Once it stays in a mound, as opposed to a puddle, you are done. The book states to use the Boiling water method for ten minutes if you wish to preserve it.

Berries are crushed and the sugar has melted. Let the fun begin.



I think I can


   Next time I make this I think I am going to be prepared to make a double batch. It’s not even been a week and already it’s almost half gone. For such a simple recipe the results are incredible. To serve throw it on some pound cake or fresh buttered toast. I happened to have some homemade lemon curd sitting in the fridge. The curd combined with the jam, thanks to what can only be described as an epiphany by my father-in-law, is nothing short of foodie nirvana on some good pound cake. You may also consider using it on the Mr. Radar if you DARE give someone the raspberry. No Spaceballs fans here, well chuckle anyway its funny trust me. All joking aside this takes about an hour to make and is really the definition of instant crowd pleaser. Don’t sell yourself short give this one a try and let me know how it goes for you.


Ready for storage...if it makes it that long