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    Mar. 7. 2012. | Uncategorized
    I need to cut back on the cupcakes

    This is the winter of my discontent. Well discontent with my weight at least. It seems I’ve gotten rather….well fluffy as of late. I’m still healthy as far as blood work, blood pressure etc… but I feel it’s time to lose a bit. Between writing two food blogs and working at a job that requires [...]

    Jan. 31. 2012. | Uncategorized
    It’s cool sweetie, I can make us Fajitas

    Working 12 hours a day does have its drawbacks, especially when it means working until 6 or 7 at night. The constant battle is always finding things to make that are quick but good for you. In my home pre-made meals, frozen meals, etc… are definitely taboo. Without getting into a debate of what’s good [...]

    Jan. 24. 2012. | Uncategorized
    I scream, you scream….please stop screaming…

    It’s still cold this week and there is snow on the ground so of course I took this chance to work on the ice cream issue. Ice cream for me is a staple of a happy life. My ideal day with my wife involves jumping in to our 66 bug and cruising on a summer [...]

    Jan. 17. 2012. | Uncategorized
    Welcome Winter

    So here in the valley we received a nice dose of sleet last night so I guess now I should assume it’s finally winter…..maybe. As mentioned in my previous post I am on a bit of a kick with the dutch oven but I haven’t managed to find that one thing worthy of writing about. [...]

    Jan. 10. 2012. | Uncategorized
    Something new

            The holidays have come and gone. Besides a couple pounds and a bit more cushion around the midsection I am left with a dutch oven and an ice cream maker. The canister for the ice cream maker is in the fridge but I’m thinking the dutch oven is a bit more inviting at this [...]

    Oct. 5. 2011. | Uncategorized
    Pork….Pulled…..Need I say more?

    Did you miss me? I knew it. We got that kinda relationship where sure I’m gone for a few weeks…months… but I can come back and we’ll pick up where we left off. A little wine, a little cheese, a little pulled pork. Oh yeah it’s like that. So what have you been up to [...]

    Apr. 6. 2011. | Uncategorized
    I think I canned, I think I canned.

      This week we’re making some Jam, we’re throwing it into jars, and we’re partying like rock stars. At the very least it’s definitely those first two.  I mentioned previously I had gone ahead and ordered the canning setup from Amazon (link at end of the post for all products mentioned) to start getting into [...]

    Mar. 29. 2011. | Uncategorized
    Some like it HOT

       My mouth is burning, my top lip is rather numb and I have a feeling of deep regret, at least I hope it’s only regret. So maybe having a heaping spoonful of the freshly made hot sauce wasn’t the best choice I’ve made in a while but hey we live and we learn right. [...]

    Mar. 25. 2011. | Uncategorized
    Fresh bread, fresh horseradish, fresh….freaky Jell-O thing

      Hello boys and girls. Today we went to the farmers market. Allow me to reflect on days..well ok hours gone by. Ah yes the farmers market that neighborhood stronghold that screams capitalism with a slight whiff of manure. Ok well not always the manure and that’s because it’s not always a “Farmers’” market. This [...]

    Mar. 23. 2011. | Uncategorized
    Can IT!!!

       To can or not to can that is the questions. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous pains of stomach and wallet due to spoilage in only days or weeks, or to take arms and learn this black art in order to savor your wares months from [...]